Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vista Murrieta Win Southwestern League Title

Chloe Contreras and her Bronco teammates recently defended their Southwestern League title and are now competing in the CIF division 2 playoffs (Southern California) where they have won their first two games. They are playing today vs. Yucaipa .The Broncos are currently 25-4.
Chloe will arrive at Canisius this fall.
Vista Murrieta won their game today 6-2, and will play Los Osos in the semifinals Tuesday.

Section VI Softball Tournament

Stephanie Pfentner and her Clarence High Red Devils are set to begin their defense of their Class AA title beginning Tuesday, June 2. Clarence is 14-0 in league play and the #1 seed. This is a great chance to see Stephanie play before she arrives at Canisius in the fall.

Follow the action by CLICKING HERE

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amanda Baun Ends High School Career

Amanda Baun led her team into the CIF playoffs in Southern California this spring. She is the captain of the King High School Softball team in Riverside, CA. King High lost a tough 1-0 game to Pacifica last Thursday; Amanda pitched a 2 hitter but got no run support. She had a 0.86 earned run average with the Wolves this year.
So her High School career ends and she will play with the SoCal Crunch this summer before arriving at Canisius in the fall where I'm sure she'll spend a lot of the time in the circle. Look forward to seeing her here!

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Season Review

Now that the 2009 Softball season is ended, I thought I'd take one look back and also look forward. This is just my personal observation.

You probably know by now it is not my style to criticize players, no "How could she drop that ball!!". I don't take the wins and losses so seriously, although I always want the Griffs to win. I know these student-athletes are giving their all. I've seen the disappointment on their faces when a costly error was made, so I don't need to be worried about that. However, I will take a look at what happened in 2009 and what may happen in 2010.

The Golden Griffins began 2009 coming off a record season that saw them win 39 games. They also lost two very important players to graduation---Katie Miranto and Jenny Maheu, both .400 hitters in 2008.

Jenny Maheu

Katie Miranto

The loss of these great players left a hole in the lineup and I believe Lauren Hope suffered most because of this. In her freshman season Lauren hit for a .354 average and stole 40 bases. She did this while usually batting in the second spot in the lineup, after Jenny . This season Lauren batted first, and her average dropped to .274. In MAAC play she hit .291, but last season hit .500! Lauren is a slap hitter who likes her pitches in a certain spot. I've watched her--she'll draw a line in the dirt and wait for her pitch. But as a leadoff hitter with a reputation as a very good batter, she is less likely to get it. She's the fastest player on the team, so I see why she is the leadoff hitter. I think she is more effective batting after another hitter or two, however the Griffs do not have anyone else at this time who can fulfill that function. Lauren has two years left, and I do believe she has a chance to hit .400.

The Griffs had a problem in 2009 with leaving too many runners on base (until the MAAC Tournament anyway). I noticed this early in the season, but the game that stood out was the very first conference matchup against Rider when they loaded the bases in the first inning with one out. They could not score, and they lost that game 6-2.

Unfortunately, Juliette Bowers could not repeat the great season she had in 2008, when she had a record of 20-3. She did pitch very well at times, but ended with a record of 5-11. This put a lot of pressure on Mallory Aldred, who won 19 games. After the first conference doubleheader, Coach Rappl always started Mallory the first game.

In MAAC Conference games, Canisius as a team batted for a .269 average, as opposed to last season's .353 average. In pitching, they had a team earned run average of 2.65---last season it was 1.33. Last season, first in both categories. This season third in hitting; fourth in pitching. And yet they won the MAAC again!

So how did they do that? Coach Rappl first and foremost. It's interesting watching all his moves. When Cameron Norton set the MAAC Tournament on fire, it was only after Coach Rappl moved her from the 3rd spot in the lineup to the 5th spot. He did this after the Marist doubleheader, and she ended up leading the team in hitting. Katie Lancellotti after a great start that saw her hitting around .300 began striking out a lot, so he he moved her down in the lineup and her average improved. The one move that impressed me most was when he used freshman Caroline Main in the 7th inning of a crucial game against Marist. Mallory Aldred had just given up consecutive homers to the Red Foxes, and she was done for the game. Caroline had a rough freshman season, sometimes she gave up hits in clusters. She has great potential though. But this was a must win game, and he put her in anyway. It was like he was telling her he had confidence in her to pitch in this important situation---and she got the side out, striking out two! And I want to tell you, I was there, and the other players on the field looked mighty nervous! I know I was! But she did the job, and I think Coach Rappl is always looking ahead. He knows how to handle his players.

Lizzy Gatto is one such player. She got better as her freshman season progressed, and although she slumped a little at the end of MAAC play, she rebounded in the Tournament with clutch hitting and fielding. One play sticks out in my memory: it was the second game of the Niagara doubleheader, the Griffs lost the first game, and were losing by two runs in the bottom of the 7th inning. Lizzy was on third base when Lauren Hope hit a grounder. Lizzy was sent home, but the throw was ahead of her, looked like an easy out. But Lizzy slid hard with determination and caused the catcher to drop the ball and the Griffs went on to win the important game.

Katie Lancellotti is a terrific shortstop. She gets to ground balls she has no business being near, even if there is no chance to throw out the runner. And she's strong---in the NCAA tournament game against Ohio State, one of the Buckeye runners slid into Katie very hard, a little too hard maybe. But it was the Ohio State player who was helped off the field! Katie has home run power that I think she hasn't really tapped into yet---check out her profile on the right side of this page to see the blast she hit at Syracuse.

Lauryn Chris, Lauren Falzone, and Amanda Cannizzo all got quality playing time in their freshmen season. I'm guessing that Lauryn will take over 2nd base next season, and Lauren and Amanda will split time in the outfield position opened by Rachelle Barrientos' departure. All three made contributions to the team in 2008.

Kerry Ulmer has not started many games her first two seasons with the Griffs, but Rachelle Barrientos spent a couple years as a non starter, and we know she had a great season this year. I do remember Kerry tying a game in the 7th inning with a two out single against San Jose St. Katie Medina did not play in 2008, so she will be like the 5th freshman this year. She was with the team though, and she was a great multi sport athlete in high school.

I think Paige Freibeger may have a fantastic 2010. But I think she may be playing 3rd base as Cameron Norton's replacement. Paige really knows how to get on base. At one time in 2009, she was the best hitter on the team, winning two games all by herself out west. She will be a junior next year.

Did you know that for the second year in a row, Emily Helbig destroyed the MAAC in batting? In her freshman year she hit .476; in 2009 .344. And she is an outstanding first baseman---she led the team in chances (201) and committed NO errors. I can't remember which game, but the Griffs had the other team in a double rundown when all of a sudden the runner on third took off for home because she thought no one was there. Wrong. Emily came in all the way from first base and easily applied the tag. If Emily doesn't make the catch at first base, it wasn't catchable.

Michelle Fridey had a bit of a slow start to the season, but came on strong when it mattered most. She hit for a .306 average in MAAC play. She also hit two triples in one day against Manhattan! She will be the team's only Senior next year, and I suspect it's captain, so she will step into a very important role. But she's very dependable, so it should be no problem for her.

What will happen next season? It's hard to know. It's all about pitching as far as I can see. In 2010, the Griffs will have one sophomore, and two freshmen in the circle. While it's true Caroline Main had a tough freshman year, she has great credentials. She's bigger and stronger than the departing senior pitchers. She has an excellent pitching coach in Pete Scott, who if you noticed, visited the mound frequently when the Griffs were playing the powerful Purple Eagles of Niagara in the Tournament. Niagara only scored six runs in three games against Canisius in Poughkeepsie, four of those in one inning. I think Caroline was more of a hard thrower in High School, and is probably learning more about pitch location.

The two incoming freshmen? You never know until they play Division 1 Softball. I will tell you that Amanda Baun is having an excellent Senior season at King High in Southern Cali. She currently has a 0.86 earned run average, and is leading her team into the playoffs. Brittany Wood told me she is not playing her Senior season at Boiling Springs High, but concentrating on travel ball this summer instead. I do know that she is looking forward to coming to Canisius this fall, because she wants to be in snow! That shouldn't be a problem. She is also an excellent hitter by the way.

Stephanie Pfentner of Clarence is having an excellent Senior season. She's a catcher who I am sure will be seeing plenty of playing time. Chloe Contreras is busy trying to help Vista Murrietta win another league championship; the Broncos are currently 24-4.

BTW, Canisius College will be hosting the 2010 MAAC Softball Championship at the Demske Sports Complex. I think Coach Rappl will have them ready by then, as he usually does.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final 2009 Statistics

  1. Cameron Norton .295
  2. Rachelle Barrientos .294
  3. Michelle Fridey .276
  4. Lauren Hope .274
  5. Lizzy Gatto .273
  6. Paige Freiberger .271
  7. Emily Helbig .258
  8. Katie Lancellotti .248
  9. Lauren Falzone .246
  10. Lauryn Chris .235
  11. Kerry Ulmer .222
  12. Amanda Cannizzo .218
  13. Angela Turrey .186
Slugging %
  1. Cameron Norton .466
  2. Rachelle Barrientos .431
  3. Katie Lancellotti .438
On Base %
  1. Rachelle Barrientos .417
  2. Paige Freiberger .407
  3. Cameron Norton .402

  1. Katie Lancellotti 25
  2. Paige Freiberger 24
  3. Lizzy Gatto & Lauren Hope 23
  1. Lauren Hope 43
  2. Cameron Norton 43
  3. Michelle Fridey 42
  1. Paige Freiberger 9
  2. Cameron Norton 8
  3. Lizzy Gatto 7
  1. Lauren Hope 5
  2. Lizzy Gatto 3
  3. Michelle Fridey 2
  1. Katie Lancellotti 6
  2. Cameron Norton 5
  3. Rachelle Barrientos 3
Runs Batted In
  1. Katie Lancellotti 28
  2. Cameron Norton 28
  3. Lizzy Gatto 19
Stolen Bases
  1. Lauren Hope 21
  2. Rachelle Barrientos 8
  3. Lauren Falzone 8

Earned Run Average
  1. Mallory Aldred 2.16
  2. Juliette Bowers 2.97
  3. Caroline Main 4.71
  1. Mallory Aldred 19-9
  2. Juliette Bowers 5-11
  3. Caroline Main 2-5
  1. Mallory Aldred 180
  2. Juliette Bowers 78
  3. Caroline Main 32

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jen Sansano Pitches 3rd No Hitter Of Season

Local pitching star Jen Sansano pitched her 3rd no hitter of the season for Clarence High School last week. She'll be pitching for La Nova at the Aunt Rosie's Tournament in July (more on that later).
Jen's catcher, Stephanie Pfentner, will be joining the Griffs this fall.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

MAAC All-Academic Team

In the frenzy of post season softball, I forgot to mention the most important achievement of all. Five Griffs were named to the MAAC All-Academic team. Congratulations to them all!

Mallory Aldred
Juliette Bowers
Michelle Fridey
Cameron Norton
Kerry Ulmer

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You Griffs & Thank You Readers!

Another long season comes to an end. And it was a great season. The Griffs lost two .400 hitters, Jenny Maheu and Katie Miranto, to graduation and began this year with six freshmen. And still they end up MAAC Champions again! These Freshmen now have this invaluable experience under their belts. More on them later.

Coach Rappl did another superb job this year; the team struggled at times in Conference play, but in the end the Griffs stood alone...again.

Rachelle, Mallory, Cameron, Angela, and Juliette have played their last game for Canisius College. What a great class they were! Three consecutive MAAC Championships. It was a great pleasure watching them play these four years. I'll miss Julitte's smile as she pitches!

I want to thank the readers of my blog. I don't know why I never thought of doing this before--it's a lot of work but a lot of fun. I actually started the blog on wordpress, but exported it here because I like blogger better. I really created it for myself and a few friends, but I was very surprised to see all the people that visit here, a lot on a regular basis. Of course, many are from all over Western New York (and Canisius, when classes are in session), but what surprised me were the many California readers, especially from the San Jose area. And of course, my one Japanese reader! Thank you all for reading my little blog! And a special thanks to D Moore over at the WAC blog, which I found when the Griffs were playing in the San Jose Tournament back in March. Thanks for linking and for our friendship! And finally thanks to Riley for his Buffalo Bulls reports (I wasn't doing such a great job on those myself!).

The blog will continue over the summer, not as much posting however. I will cover some of the local softball scene, including some very good tournaments. I will be looking forward to the fall season when we will see the newest Golden Griffins!


Game 51 vs. Kentucky (@ Columbus Regional)

Canisius and Kentucky will face off beginning at 5pm EDT. This is an elimination game. The winner will play a second game tonight.

Kentucky has a record of 32-22. They are led by shortstop Molly Johnson, who has a .426 batting average! The teams have met once before with Canisius winning in 1999.

Kentucky 7 Canisius 0


The Ohio St.-BYU game is going into extra innings, so we are probably looking at a later start time.
Ohio St. won 5-4 (8). I wonder if their coach is "disappointed"?!

The game has begun, with Mallory Aldred pitching again. Canisius is the "home" team. Kentucky scored in the 1st inning after an illegal pitch and an error and a wild pitch to take a 1-0 lead.
After 2 outs in the top of the 2nd inning, Kentucky scored 3 runs.
Kentucky 4 Canisius 0
Juliette Bowers has replaced Mallory in the circle for the 3rd inning.
Kentucky hit a 2 run homer to take a 6-0 lead.
Rachelle Barrientos and Paige Freiberger hit singles in the 4th inning, but could not score. That was Rachelle's 3rd hit in this Regional Tournament. She has really played great in these 2 tournaments.
Going into the bottom of the 6th inning with Kentucky leading 7-0. I feel a bit sad now, not because the Griffs are losing, but because the Seniors are about to close out their Canisius careers.
Caroline Main will pitch the 7th inning.
Cameron Norton is taking her last at bat at Canisius. She has started every game in her 4 years as a Griff.


Ohio State Coach "Disappointed"

Ohio State coach Linda Kalafatis expressed disappointment in her team's lack of hitting against Mallory Aldred, even though the Buckeyes won the game 3-0.

"I was a little disappointed in our performance,” Kalafatis said. “Normally our at bats get better as the game goes on. That’s what you expect a good team to do, but I don’t think we did that today. We had that one good inning".

Mallory Aldred limited the Buckeyes to 6 hits, 3 of which were hit in the "one good inning".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Performance Mallory!

Mallory Aldred pitched a great game tonight. She allowed only six hits, struck out three, walked only two. Ohio State scored 3 runs in the 2nd inning, but Mallory shut down the 11th ranked team in the nation the rest of the game. She pitched well enough for the Griffs to win. Well done Mallory!

Game 50 @ #11 Ohio State (Columbus Regional)

Game begins at 7:30pm EDT.
This will be the Griffs' best opponent this year. The Buckeyes enter the game with a 44-9 record, and are ranked #11 in the nation, making this a real David vs. Goliath game! Ohio State is led by Sam Marder who has a .373 batting average with 16 homers. They have good pitching too. Kim Reeder has a 22-4 record with a 1.28 earned run average. And Ohio State has the advantage of playing in their newly renovated park, which is really beautiful actually. Remember you can listen to this game online---the link is in the previous post.

The game is set to begin. Mallory Aldred is starting in the circle for the Griffs.



The Griffs had 2 runners on base in the top of the 1st inning after a walk by Rachelle Barrientos and a single by Paige Freiberger but could not score.
Ohio State had a hit in the bottom of the 1st inning, but Katie Lancellotti made a nice play at shortstop by forcing the runner out at 2nd base, and then Angela Turrey threw a runner out a 1st base. No score after 1 inning.

Ohio State scored 3 runs on 3 hits and 3 stolen bases in the bottom of the 2nd inning to take a 3-0 lead.

Ohio State had runners on 2nd and 3rd in the bottom of the 4th, but Katie Lancellotti threw a runner out at home plate, Mallory struck out a batter and the Buckeyes could not score.
Ohio State 3 Canisius 0

Rachelle Barrientos just hit her 2nd double of the game.
Rachelle got as far as 3rd, but stayed there. The Griffs have had runners on base every inning, but can't get them home. Ohio State leading 3-0 going into the bottom of the 5th inning.

Mallory retires Ohio State 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 5th inning. She is pitching quite well against the 11th ranked team, and the Griffs have had their chances.

Ohio State pitcher Kim Reeder just hit her 4th batter---is there a limit?!

Mallory retires the Buckeyes in order again in the bottom of the 6th inning. She's allowed only 6 hits against the #11 home team. She's pitched well enough to beat Ohio State. But the Griffs are down 3-0.


Canisius could have beaten this team tonight, they had runners on base every inning. Mallory Aldred pitched a great game folks---this was the #11 team she was facing on their home field, and beside one inning, she shut them down, allowing only 6 hits. The Griffs had runners in scoring position many times tonight, but could not get them across. Rachelle Barrientos was 2 for 2 tonight. I don't ever want the Griffs to lose, but I'm proud of their performance tonight, with a few different bounces, who knows what may have happened?
They will play Kentucky, who lost to BYU earlier, Friday afternnon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Listen Live to Canisius vs. Ohio State

Live radio broadcast of Thursday's game between the Griffs and Ohio State:


The Last Time The Griffs Won In The NCAA Tourney...

...was last year! May 17, 2008 they defeated Long Island University in Hempstead, NY by a score of 3-2. Rachelle Barrientos scored the winning run when Jenny Maheu hit a double in the 7th inning.

You can revisit the game on Gametracker by CLICKING HERE
Just click "replay" (it goes fast).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Griffs To Open Against Ohio State

The NCAA announced that the Golden Griffins were selected to play in the Columbus (OH) Region. Their opening opponent will be #11 Ohio State (44-9).
Also in the region are Kentucky (32-21), and Brigham Young University (39-16).


Selection Sunday Live

Where and who will the Golden Griffins be playing in the NCAA Tournament? Find out by watching the selections live at ESPNU at 10pm EDT.

If you don't know what channel it is on in your area, use this locator:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cameron Norton Named Most Outstanding Player

The MAAC has just announced that senior third baseman Cameron Norton was the Most Outstanding Player in the MAAC Championship!

And who can argue their decision? She hit for a .667 average and hit 3 homers; she was 4 for 4 Friday against Niagara and 3 for 3 today in the Championship game. And she jumped up the ladder and now leads the Griffs in hitting. Congratulations Cameron!

Named to the All MAAC Tournament Team:
Mallory Aldred
Rachelle Barrientos
Lizzy Gatto
Michelle Fridey

Congratulations ladies!

Read about it HERE


Congratulations to Coach Mike Rappl, his staff, and all his players for winning his 3rd consecutive and 12th overall MAAC Title!

Game 49 vs. Niagara (@ Poughkeepsie)

It's do or die for both these teams. One game for the Championship of the MAAC!

The Griffs will be the "home" team for this game. Mallory Aldred will be pitching. The winner wins the automatic bid to the National Tournament.




Niagara go out in the top of the 1st. One thing we know for sure---A Western New York team will be in the NCAA Tournament.

Griffs score. 2-0. 3-0!
Cameron Norton and Michelle Fridey both hit 2 out singles to drive in runs. Cameron stole home. Double by Katie Lancellotti! 4-0.
Big inning for the Griffs, all runs scored with 2 outs. They had 5 hits in the inning.
End of 1.
Canisius 4 Niagara 0
Mallory struck out 2 in the top of the 2nd, 4-0.

LIZZY GATTO 2 RUN HOMER!!!! 6-0. New pitcher for Niagara.
That was Lizzy's first career homer--what a time to hit it!

Griffs have 9 hits.
2 innings complete.
Canisius 7 Niagara 0
1-2-3 for Mallory in the top of the 3rd.
I forgot to mention that Niagara's Felicia Coffey is still injured and not playing. I feel bad for the senior, it has been a pleasure to watch her play.
Griffs have 10 hits after 3 innings. Niagara can strike quickly, don't get comfortable!
Canisius 7 Niagara 0
No runs for Niagara in the top of the 4th. Mallory has allowed only 2 hits so far. 7-0.
1-2-3 for Mallory in the top of the 5th with 2 strikeouts--she is on her game looking for her 19th win of the season. 7-0.
Niagara loaded the bases in the top of the 6th, but Mallory struck out the final batter.
Canisius 7 Niagara 0
Cameron Norton just hit a double---Tournament MVP? Cameron was 4-4 yesterday, 3-3 today!!
Emily Helbig hit a single for a run, and Katie Lancellotti just missed a grand slam homer! 9-0.

Niagara's last chance coming up:
1 out
2 outs!


Cameron Norton must be the Tournament MVP!! Mallory was in total control.
Congratulations to Niagara for a great season---they'll be strong again next season.
Next up---The NCAA Tournament!!!

Game 48 vs. Niagara (@ Poughkeepsie)

The MAAC Championship round begins at 2:15.
Niagara must beat Canisius twice to win, the Griffs need to win only one game. These teams know each other well, there is nothing else to do but play and decide the matter! Niagara will be the "home" team.
Juliette Bowers will start this game in the circle for the Griffs.


Cameron Norton just threw a runner out at home. No score after 1 inning.
The Griffs loaded the bases in the top of the 2nd with 2 walks and a Michelle Fridey single, but could not score.
Nice plays by Emily Helbig and Cameron Norton and Niagara is retired in the 2nd. Emily has no errors on the season.
Canisius 0 Niagara 0
Juliete struck out 3 in the 3rd inning and there's still no score.
Juliette retires Niagara in order in the 4th---she has 5 strikeouts.
Canisius 0 Niagara 0
Rachelle Barrientos just threw Maggie McDonald out at home.
5th inning over, what a great play by Rachelle!
Canisius 0 Niagara 0
Mallory Aldred is in the game. Juliette did a great job.
Niagara takes the lead in the bottom of the 6th inning on a Maggie McDonald single. Bases load walk scores another run.
Niagara 2 Canisius 0


The Griffs' bats went cold. Juliette Bowers pitched well enough to win this game, but now it comes down to one game for all the marbles! That game will start in 20 minutes or so.


The MAAC has announced that today's games will begin at 1pm, beginning with the resumption of the suspended Manhattan-Niagara game, and followed by the Championship. This is due to heavy overnight rain.
Niagara and Manhattan are tied 1-1 in the 4th inning.
BTW, the 16 inning Manhattan-Fairfield game yesterday was the longest game in MAAC history, and the 15th longest game in NCAA Division 1 history. The Lady Jaspars' Ashley Rampino pitched all 16 innings. Fairfield's Sarah Minice also pitched the complete game, and threw 293 pitches!! She is MAAC Pitcher Of The Year with good reason.
Niagara is beating Manhattan 8-1 after 5 innings, so unless there is a big comeback the Griffs will be facing the Purple Eagles again.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Day In Poughkeepsie

Today's action at the MAAC Championship in Poughkeepsie had a little bit of everything: a great comeback by the Griffs; a hard fought 16 inning elimination game; and a suspended game.

There may be more of the same Saturday. Canisius has to wait to know who they will play. Manhattan and Niagara are tied at 1, and will play at 11am. The Lady Jaspars get to rest Ashley Rampino who pitched all 16 innings of the elimination game, in case they need her. Whoever they play, the Golden Griffins will have two chances to win one game and win their third consecutive MAAC title and qualify for the national tournament.

Niagara-Manhattan Game Suspended

It looks like the umpires are suspending this game with the score tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 4th inning.
These teams will have to finish this game tomorrow morning before the winner faces Canisius.

The MAAC has announced that this game will be resumed Saturday at 11am.

Manhattan-Fairfield In Extra Innings

The 2 teams fight for survival tied 3-3.
The game is now in the 10th inning.
In the 11th inning--neither team wants to go home! Niagara waits.
Sarah Minice has pitched 21 innings in this tournament and Manhattan has 14 hits off her but the MAAC Pitcher Of The Year refuses to let them score the winning run.
The game that would not end heads to the bottom of the 12th inning!
In the 13th now! Fairfield is in a jam because if they do win, I don't see how they could start Sarah Minice a half hour later. She's tough though. Ashley Rampino has pitched the whole game for Manhattan.
Manhattan has 17 hits and they just can't score. This is all playing into Niagara's hands, unless the game goes to sunset, which at this rate it may!

This game has turned into a doubleheader as it goes into the bottom of the 14th inning!
15th inning! 16th inning! This game is over 4 hours old!
Sarah Minice ran out of gas and Manhattan scored 3 times in the top of the 98th...I mean 16th inning. She's pitched 26 innings in 2 days.

Wow! Ashley Rampino pitched all 16 innings. Niagara has been sitting around for 5 hours waiting for this game to end. You'll remember the Lady Jaspars won 2 games in Niagara in early April scoring 17 runs.

Canisius-Niagara Boxscore


Lizzy Gatto's 2 run hit was ruled an error, I guess but I didn't think there was a chance to get her out. Cameron Norton hit 4-4, with a homer and RBI and 2 runs scored (a 3rd run by Lauryn Chris was scored pinch running for Cameron). Angela Turrey had 2 RBI sacrifice flies. Mallory Aldred struck out 4; she allowed 6 hits, but 4 of those were in the 1st inning when Niagara scored their 4 runs. After that for the remaining 6 innings, she allowed only 2 hits, and the Purple Eagles never got a runner to 2nd base.

Game 47 vs. Niagara (@ Poughkeepsie)

First pitch of the winner's bracket game between the Griffs and Purple Eagles is set for 11am. This will be the third meeting of these teams this season; they split the previous two. You'll remember Niagara won the first game at the Demske 6-1, breaking a 1-1 tie in the 6th inning. Canisius won the second game 5-4 with a 3 run 7th inning and a Rachelle Barrientos double.
The winner of this game advances to Championship Saturday, while the loser will play an elimination game at 3pm.



Niagara loaded the bases in the top of the first inning and scored 4 runs. The live video feed is finally working. The Griffs have a lot of work ahead of them.
No runs for the Griffs, who are the "home" team, in the bottom of the 1st inning.
Niagara 4 Canisius 0
Mallory retired Niagara in order in the top of the 2nd inning.
The Griffs got on the scoreboard in the bottom of the 2nd loading the bases with 2 hits. Cameron Norton scored on an Angela Turrey sacrifice fly.
Niagara 4 Canisius 1
Mallory Aldred seems to have settled down allowing only a walk in the top of the 3rd inning.
Griffs go down quietly in the 3rd.
Niagara 4 Canisius 1
After a tough 1st inning, Mallory has shutout Niagara for the last 3 innings.
Cameron Norton just blasted a homer to centerfield! 4-2. Michelle Fridey just hit a double! No outs. Katie Lancellotti walks, tying runs are on base with 1 out. Micheele Krier is out for Niagara, Julie Dimatteo is in the circle. Bases loaded 2 outs. Rachelle walks 4-3!
What a huge hit by the freshman! Canisius gets those 4 runs back in the 4th inning!
Canisius 5 Niagara 4
Mallory retires Niagara in order in the top of the 5th inning---she's shown composure after the rough 1st inning, but when has she not?
Cameron Norton singles---she's 3-3 today. Lauryn Chris pinch running. Lauryn safe at 2nd on fielder's choice. Bases loaded, 1 out.
Angela Turrey drives in Lauryn Chris! 6-4 Griffs! Bases loaded for Rachelle!
End of 5, Griffs score a big run. Great job by Lauryn Chris beating the throw to 2nd base.
Canisius 6 Niagara 4
Mallory retires Niagara in order in the 6th striking out 2!
Great catch by Jenna Baker off the bat of Lizzy Gatto.
Cameron Norton is 4-4!!
OK, we're going to the top of the 7th inning. Mallory will face the top of the Niagara order.
Canisius 6 Niagara 4
Single by Kristin Kill. 1 out. The dangerous Teresa Healy is up to bat. 2 outs fielder's choice, I can barely watch!


I am so proud of the Golden Griffins for showing composure and coming back after going down 4-0 in the top of the first inning!! But I'm not surprised. Mallory Aldred was MAGNIFICIENT! What poise! She shut down the Purple machine for the last 6 innings!!!! What poise the whole team showed!
Senior Cameron Norton came through when it mattered most---she was 4 for 4 with a huge homer (her second of the tournament), what a classy player! And freshman Lizzy Gatto with her clutch 2 out 2 run single to win the game for the Griffs.*
What a game!! The Griffs now head to Championship Saturday where they will have 2 chances to defend their MAAC Title!
And don't count Niagara out yet. they will play the winner of the Fairfield-Manhattan game at about 3pm today.
GO GRIFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Lizzy Gatto's hit in the 4th inning that won the game was called an error. I don't think Niagara had a chance to get her though.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Niagara And Fairfield In Extra Innings

Game 2 of the tournament is a thriller, tied at 2 and going into extra innings. The Purple Eagles have hit 2 homers off of Sarah Minice. Teresa Healy hit one that must have landed in the Hudson River! Also, the camera did show Felicia Coffey limping before the game started---she still isn't playing.
Canisius will play the winner of this game Friday at 11am.
The Griffs and Niagara will meet tomorrow at 11am. Fairfield will play Manhattan following that with the loser being eliminated.

Game 46 vs. Manhattan (@ Poughkeepsie)

First pitch at 1pm edt. You can watch this game live by clicking the link at the top right hand side of this page.



RF Lauren Hope
LF Rachelle Barrientos
CF Lizzy Gatto
2B Paige Freiberger
3B Cameron Norton
DP Michelle Fridey
1B Emily Helbig
SS Katie Lancellotti
C Angela Turrey
P Mallory Aldred
1-0 Griffs.
Cameron Norton comes through with a long blast to centerfield and the Griffs get the lead early. Mallory Aldred will now go to work. She shutout the Lady Jaspars in April.
1-2-3 for Mallory, end of the 1st inning.
Canisius 4 Manhattan 0
Rachelle Barrientos just sent Katie Lancellotti home to make the score 5-0 Griffs. Rachelle is 2-2 today.
Mallory retires the Lady Jaspars in order again. 2 innings complete. The Griffs look very poised today.
Canisius 5 Manhattan 0
The Griffs had 2 runners on but didn't score in the top of the 3rd.
A Manhattan player,Melissa Cascio, has been hurt, it looked like she took a foul ball right in the face. She's being attended to. She was down a long time, but walked off the field.
Manhattan got their first hit in the 3rd inning, but no damage was done.
Canisius 5 Manhattan 0
Lauren Hope steals 2nd. Lizzy Gatto knocks in Lauren---6-0 Griffs. Canisius has outscored Manhattan 25-2 this year. Manhattan seems a bit shaken up. But they were like that at the Demske a month ago. They've played well against everyone in the MAAC, except Canisius.
Manhattan has 2 runners on base in the bottom of the 4th. Bases loaded no outs. Lady Jaspars could get back in this game real fast. Strike out for 1 out. Manhattan scores a run on a sacrifice fly, 2 outs. A single makes it 6-2. Mallory gets out of the 4th inning without any further damage on a nice catch of a line drive by Cameron Norton.
Canisius 6 Manhattan 2
Cameron Norton got hit in the head with a pitch, but she got right up and went to 1st base. Ashley Rampino goes in to pitch for Manhattan.
In the bottom of the 5th inning now, Mallory strikes out the first batter. Ashley Rampino just missed a homer, but it was foul! Mallory gets out of the inning, and we head to the 6th.
Canisius 6 Manhattan 2
Rachelle Barrientos just hit a long homer!! 7-2.
Rachelle is 3 for 4 today. The seniors are coming through for the Griffs today. Heading to the bottom of the 6th inning.
A quick 1-2-3 for Mallory. Heading to the 7th inniong now.
Canisius 7 Manhattan 2
Another error by Manhattan puts Griffs on 1st and 3rd with one out. Lauren Hope grounds out but Katie Lancellotti scores--8-2 Griffs, going to the bottom of the 7th inning.
Strike out! 1 out.
Strike out! 2 out.
Mallory strikes out the side, Griffs win!!!

Great start of the tournament for the Griffs! Rachelle Barrientos and Cameron Norton homered, but the Griffs played an all around great game. Mallory Aldred had one inning of difficulty, but otherwise she shut the door on the Lady Jaspars, allowing them only 3 hits. She had 9 strikeouts. Rachelle had 3 hits, as did Lizzy Gatto and Katie Lancellotti ; Cameron had 3 RBIs.
The Griffs will next play the winner of the Fairfield-Niagara game which starts at 3pm and matches the power hitting Purple Eagles against Fairfield's Sarah Minice, who today was named MAAC pitcher of the year.

2009 All-MAAC Softball Team Announced

I don't want to complain over these selections, but how does Marist's Caitlin Carpentier (9-16; 3.88) get chosen over Mallory Aldred (16-6; 1.85)??? Maybe it's a typo. I'm sure Mallory isn't thinking about that as she is preparing to pitch today.


Poughkeepsie 2000

In 2000, the Golden Griffins struggled to qualify for the tournament, but did so with a record of 9-7. The tournament was in Poughkeepsie that year, and they opened with a game against St. Peter's, who had a very good year. The Griffs lost 10-1. Another loss would eliminate them. No MAAC team ever emerged from the loser's bracket---except Canisius that is! They had to play Niagara immediately, and beat them 5-0.

The next day they did something unbelievable. They played 3 games in a row, and won them all! First they played Fairfield, and beat them 3-0. Then they had to get right back on the field and play well rested St. Peter's, who came from the winner's bracket. They would have to beat the Peahens twice. The first game was a pitching battle, with the Griffs' Genevieve Garcia allowing only 3 hits. The game was scoreless when in the 7th inning the Griffs' Amy Dodd hit a homer to right field that stunned St. Peter's and forced a deciding game. The Peahens never recovered, and Canisius won the Championship game 7-1. Unbelievable. The team went on to the NCAA Tournament and lost a game to UCLA, before winning over Bethune-Cookman, and then bowing out in a tough 9 inning loss to Iowa.

You can never count Coach Rappl's teams out.

Now the modern Golden Griffins will attempt to defend their MAAC title beginning Thursday (unless it keeps raining). Good Luck Griffs!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watch The MAAC Tournament!


It's $19.95 for all games, $5.95 for single games. If you don't want to pay that, join me for live blogging of the Griffs' games!

*I'll have this link at the top right hand side of this blog*

Final 2009 MAAC Standings

In order after tiebreakers.

  1. Fairfield 11-5 (21-26)
  2. Manhattan 11-5 (19-25)
  3. Canisius 9-7 (23-22)
  4. Niagara 9-7 (27-17)
  5. Marist 9-7 (16-33)
  6. Rider 8-8 (16-32)
  7. Siena 7-9 (12-31)
  8. Iona 4 -10 (13-27)
  9. St.Peter's 2-12 (10-24)

Niagara @ Rider

The Niagara-Rider doubleheader which will decide which of these 2 teams will qualify for the last spot in the tournament is about to get underway, I'll be doing a little live blogging. Michelle Krier is pitching the first game for Niagara; Rachael Matreale for Rider. I notice Felicia Coffey is still not in the lineup for the Purple Eagles. She hasn't played for the last 4 games or so, apparently she is injured, but there is no word on this.
Niagara scored in their first at bat when Jenna Baker hit a single to score Teresa Healy and take a 1-0 lead. Niagara needs only to win 1 game to qualify.
Rider loaded the bases in the bottom of the 1st inning, but could not score. Niagara has 6 players who are hitting over .300! Teresa Healy is hitting .369; Felicia Coffey .353.
Niagara scored again in the 2nd on 3 walks an and error. It could have been worse though.
Niagara 2 Rider 0
Rider has thrown out 2 Purple Eagles at home today. Niagara scores on another Rider error to go ahead 3-0.
Jenna Baker drove in 2 more runs in the 4th to give Niagara a 5-0 lead.
Rider scored a run, but after 6 innings the score is
Niagara 5 Rider 1
Niagara qualifies for the MAAC Tournament. The 2nd game will decide the order of the seedings, but the matchups for Day 1 of the tournament are set: Canisius vs. Manhattan and Niagara vs. Fairfield. The Purple Eagles did well working their way back up the standings after a slow start.
First pitch for the tournament is scheduled for 1pm tomorrow, however...rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow in Poughkeepsie, so the start of the tournament may be delayed.
Niagara lost the 2nd game 3-1. Therefore the Griffs finish the regular season in 3rd place.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buffalo Closes Season

The Buffalo Softball Bulls closed out their 2009 season this past weekend when they dropped three of four MAC games that resulted in them narrowly missing playing in the upcoming MAC tourney. The postseason was in their sights, but was not to be.

The weekend started in an exciting fashion and saw the Bulls win a 10 inning thriller over Western Michigan 6-5.

Westrern Michigan Box Score

Freshman Terese Diaz drove in the winning run with a sacrifice fly that scored fellow frosh Kristin Waldron. Buffalo will build upon these two players who both had fine rookie campaigns. Waldron led the team in hitting this year (.303, 5 triples, 28 rbis), while Diaz set a new school mark for strikeouts in a year (205). Diaz pitched a lot this year, maybe a little too much for a freshman as she seemed a bit tired out on the last day of the season, but she has a bright future. Kristin Waldron is a very good ballplayer, as Lena will remember one of her 5 triples beat Canisius in extra innings!

Sunday was senior day at UB, and the school honored Dana Carter, Ashley Kanavy, and Erin Zilka. Zilka missed the last four games of the season after getting hurt in the Canisius game, but Coach Teague gave her the start anyway before pulling her when the game started. Erin Zilka was a good player who played on some very bad UB teams, but I don't think they will be bad anymore. New Coach Jennifer Teague did a remarkable job restoring the program this year; they did tie the school mark for wins (25-27). Her first recruiting class looks to be good, I'll write about that in the fall.

Thanks Lena for letting me scribble on your blog--I'll see you at the Nan Harvey Classic in September!


Griffs To Play Manhattan First Day Of Tournament

This was the closest MAAC race I can remember, and figuring out tiebreakers has given me a headache.

Anyway, Canisius will play the Lady Jaspars on the first day of the tournament because if Canisius finishes in 4th place, Manhattan finishes in 1st place; if the Griffs finish in 3rd place, Manhattan finishes in 2nd place.

And that's all I'm going to write about tiebreakers ever again!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jen Sansano of Clarence, NY

Jen is a local pitching star from Clarence High School finishing her junior year, she also plays travel ball for La Nova. She was Western New York pitcher of the year last season, and 2nd team All New York State. She's an honor roll student who throws a 64 mph fastball. She threw a perfect game against Hamburg High the other day. She has a former Clarence teammate playing for Canisius (Katie Lancellotti) and in the fall her catcher (Stephanie Pfentner) will be joining the Griffs. hmmm

Fairfield And Manhattan Split

Fairfield won the 1st game 5-1; the Lady Jaspars won the 2nd game 3-1, in 10 innings!
So, while nothing is official, according to my understanding Marist is eliminated and their season is over. If Niagara beats Rider once, they are in the tournament.

Enough of this tiebreaker business! Niagara-Rider Wednesday for the last spot in the tournament, and then off to Poughkeepsie on Thursday!

Mallory Aldred Named MAAC Defensive Player Of Week

Mallory Aldred was honored by the MAAC for the third time this season. Read about it HERE

Well done Mallory!

Manhattan And Fairfield Are Playing

The rescheduled doubleheader at Fairfield is underway. Bad news for Marist: Fairfield leads 3-0 after 2 innings.

Fairfield won the first game 5-1, and unless I'm mistaken, Marist has been eliminated leaving Niagara and Rider fighting for the last spot in the MAAC Tournament.

Showdown At High Noon

The Rider website is getting all hyped up for Wednesday's Niagara-Rider doubleheader! One of these teams will be eliminated after they play, with Rider having to win both games.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Canisius And The MAAC Tournament



While we wait for the rain to leave New Jersey (at least it's not here for a change), I thought I would recollect former glory. Canisius in the MAAC Tournament:

Since 1990, Canisius has missed qualifying for the MAAC Tournament...once. In 2003.
Since entering the MAAC, Canisius has won the tournament in:
1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 ,2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008.
There's only one common denominator with all these championships---technically two, because I have been following them all these years, but really, only one: Coach Mike Rappl.

I think Coach Rappl has done an incredible job again this year, because he stayed very competitive while giving lots of playing time to 6 freshmen (Katie Medina did not play this season). He put them into plenty of positions of responsibility too. Caroline Main has had the toughest go of it, but she's a pitcher, and it's more difficult for them to adjust. But remember when Coach Rappl put her into the St. Mary's game and kept her in for 11 innings? She was great that day. Lizzy Gatto has started almost every game and keeps getting better. Katie Lancellotti leads the team in RBIs and homers, and has great range at shortstop. Lauryn Chris is a smart, fast player who is great on the base paths, she helped win the crucial Niagara game with her running. I remember her from before she came to Canisius, she's a tough minded player and I'll bet she'll be an every day player next year. Lauren Falzone is a smooth and smart outfielder with speed. Amanda Cannizzo is tough at the plate and can also run. They have all contributed this year.

Despite playing so many freshmen, Coach Rappl has his team in the thick of things once again. And remember...Canisius is the only MAAC team to come out of the loser's bracket in the tournament. I think they've done it 4 or 5 times.

I don't know how the Griffs will do this week, there are good teams in the way, but don't be surprised if you're watching your TV next Sunday to see who they will be playing next!

Niagara @ Rider Rained Out

The suspense will continue as today's doubleheader at Rider has been postponed due to rain. The Purple Eagles and Broncs will now play Wednesday, according to the Rider website, that's the day before the MAAC Tournament is scheduled to begin.
Canisius, Manhattan, and Fairfield have already qualified. Niagara, Rider, and Marist all await the outcome of the Niagara-Rider doubleheader to see which of the 3 will earn the final spot!

The Manhattan-Fairfield game has also been postponed due to rain and has been rescheduled for Monday.

Who's In And Who's Out?

Canisius College have announced that they have qualified for the upcoming MAAC Softball Tournament:

But as we begin the final day of the MAAC regular season, what is the situation for the 3 teams fighting for the last spot?

Niagara plays at Rider, Manhattan plays at Fairfield. The Lady Jaspars will attempt to win their first MAAC regular season title, but they have already clinched a spot in the tournament along with the Stags and the Golden Griffins. So it's Niagara, Marist, and Rider fighting for inclusion. I think I've figured out the possible scenarios.

Niagara qualifies if:
They beat Rider twice OR they beat Rider once and Fairfield beats Manhattan at least once.

Rider qualifies if:
They beat Niagara twice.

Marist qualifies if:
Niagara and Rider split AND Manhattan beats Fairfield twice.

It seems that the Marist Red Foxes, who will host the tournament, have the most difficult road. Niagara, who have not been in the top 4 until they swept St. Peter's yesterday, have won 5 MAAC games in a row. Marist can look back to their 2nd game of the doubleheader against Niagara (a game yours truly witnessed!) where they squandered an 8-0 lead and lost 12-10 if they do not qualify. That was an unbelievable game, and showed how dangerous the Purple Eagles are. A correction to my previous post: it's not possible for Niagara to finish in 2nd place.

The Griffs can say thanks to senior Rachelle Barrientos for beating Niagara in the bottom of the 7th inning of game 2 of the doubleheader against the Purple Eagles. Without the double she hit, Canisius would be out. Nice way to finish her career!

The Rider-Niagara doubleheader begins at 11am. Manhattan-Fairfield at 1pm.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wins And Losses For Second Tiebreaker

Assuming Manhattan and Fairfield finish 1-2, here are the records of the potentially tied teams against these 2:

Canisius (2-2) 2-0 vs. M; 0-2 vs. F
Niagara (1-3) 0-2 vs. M; 1-1 vs. F
Marist (1-3) 1-1 vs. M; 0-2 vs. F
Rider (1-3) 1-1 vs. M; 0-2 vs. F

These 4 teams have split all their games amongst one another (except Niagara-Rider who play Sunday with one being eliminated), so the 2nd tiebreaker is then used.

The 2nd tiebreaker is who has the best record against the #1 team in the conference. If the #1 spot is occupied by 2 teams, then before their tie is broken, it's the overall record against the 2 teams that is used. Canisius has the best overall record against M & F. If M finishes first, Canisius finishes 3rd. If F finishes first, Niagara finishes 3rd and Canisius finishes 4th. They would finish 4th using the third tiebreaker, best record against the 2nd place team. This is assuming Niagara is still in contention.

So by my understanding, Canisius is already in.
But the MAAC will announce the tournament pairings Monday afternoon.

Record Number Of Visitors To The Blog!

We had a record number of people visiting my little blog today (59 so far--it's usually 20-30), probably because Siena College couldn't be bothered to provide live stats or even updates (boooo). I'm very proud to have 1 visitor from Japan and I'd especially like to thank the person from California who keeps searching Paige Freiberger. Must be her mother!
Make that 62!

Did The Griffs Qualify For The Tournament?

I believe Canisius has actually clinched a berth in the MAAC Tournament.
How did I come to this conclusion, which isn't official?
It comes down to tiebreakers. Rider must beat Niagara twice tomorrow, which would eliminate the Purple Eagles. in other words, either Niagara or Rider will be gone tomorrow.. So the Griffs WILL be tied with 1 or 2 other teams. In games amongst these teams, a split has occured, with no one team having an advantage. Therefore, the tiebreaker goes to the best record against the top team in the conference, then the 2nd team if that doesn't decide it. Canisius swept Manhattan, the only team to do so. Marist and Rider were both swept by Fairfield. Marist and Canisius both split with Niagara (who could still finish second, but not ahead of Manhattan). So someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Griffs have already clinched a spot in the tournament!

The MAAC will make it all official Sunday evening.

Games 44 & 45 Griffs Split With Siena





Mallory Aldred pitched an 11 strikeout shutout in game 1. She now has a 16-6 record and is no doubt the 2009 team's most valuable player.

I'll discuss the Griffs' chances in the next post.

P.S.---Thanks a lot to Siena College for not bothering with live stats after having them all season.